Skinz Polaris Chris Burandt Series Grizzly Rider Gauntlets (Performance Mountain)

$132.99 $189.99


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  • Innovative design that provides maximum accessibility while still providing warm comfort for your hands.
  • Allows the use of thin gloves.
  • Soft, flexible sides to allow the side of the gauntlet to flex away during technical riding.
  • Magnetic dump flap on the bottom. Enables the bottom of the gauntlet to open up and clear snow buildup fast and easy. Magnetic flap closes with minimal effort and very efficient.
  • Cool, styled design with the rider in mind to still ride technical terrain during cold days.
  • Easily removable, can be used to ride to an area and remove. Re-install for the ride back to the truck.
  • Product originates from need and performance.
  • Durable sewn construction.